Sunday, July 12, 2009

We are HOME!!

We finally made it home today around 4 pm. It was a long journey home but our little guy was truly perfect the whole way home. He slept just about the whole way from Houston to Savannah.

We had an amazing welcome home from our girls and my parents. The girls each made signs and had special gifts they had picked out for Silas. My stomach was in knots most of the trip home as I just could not wait to see my precious girls. I still can't believe we were apart for so long. It feels absolutely amazing to all be together as a family of 5...the Jackson 5! finally!

My parents are the best! My fridge was stocked with everything we needed, the girls' laundry was all done and put away, they had made letters, a cute toy crate for Sila's room, lots of balloons and my mom made chicken pot pie for dinner and some other treats for the coming week....yes, the best! Thanks Nanna and Doc!

The girls are doing so well with Silas. Liv, my little mommy, is wonderful with him. Sydney is a bit jealous which I had anticipated. She is also sucking her thumb...what??? I'm hoping with time she will become comfortable with being the youngest girl and being a helper too.

We are so thankful for God's blessings during the past 10 days. Honestly, I can't imagine it going any better. Silas is just the perfect child for our family. He has bonded so well with both Tom and I and he loves all the attention from the girls. He is into everything and so much fun to watch him discover his toys, the girls' toys, is like watching a kid in a super duper candy store!

One thing I failed to mention in earlier posts that we were discussing with my parents today. We were so inspired by several of the families in our travel group who adopted older children and two families we took care packages for. One family has 4 bio children and just adopted two older boys and the other had 3 bio and adopted 2 about unselfish love. We also witnessed children seeing pictures of their family for the first time while delivering care packages. Tom and I were both choked up at seeing these children just beam with happiness....seeing their parents, their home, their sibling, their first! It is hard to imagine having to wait 7 or 8 or more years to have a true sense of hope for a family.

I'm sure as we both continue to process the trip we'll have more to reflect of now we are officially wiped out. I think we've had about 6 hours of sleep the past 2 days or so.

Enjoy the pics of our sweet kiddos...xoxo, sara & tom


Leslie said...

We are so overjoyed! What joy! We continue to pray for your transition (esp Sydney). Can't wait to see you all!
Love, The Alberts

Team Dragovich said...

SARA!!!!!! I'm soooo glad you are home safe and sound and I love the pics of Silas with the girls!! My parents had us all stocked, clean and ready to go, too. Praise God for parents :). I will be praying for Sydney and all of you as you continue to bond as a family :) So... are you a Rascal Flatts fan? They are one of my favorites-- I used to play "My Wish" every Saturday morning on my way to run in DC with the club and pray for each of my kids by name... Looking forward to keeping in touch with the Jackson 5!!! Love ya, Shari