Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Dip in the Pool

We all went to the pool this morning for the first time with Silas and he LOVED it!! He loved splashing and went totally under a few times. Soooo excited that I just might be able to manage all 3 at the pool next week.

Sydney has come such a long way since the beginning of the summer when she had the full-on death grip around my neck. Now she "swims" all by herself thanks to her favorite hot pink water wings....halleluiah!

Silas continues to be such a joy and angel boy. He is sleeping better and is becoming more comfortable with playtime with the girls. He let Olivia hold him several times in the sweet!

Happy weekend!



Team Dragovich said...

Silas looks soooo super happy and totally at ease in the water :D I hope you are feeling better and I'm praying for Sydney as she adjusts to little brother. We are having our own adjustment issues to new siblings... not unexpected either and certainly not over and above the norm-- I count that as great!! :D
Much Love and Keep in Touch!