Thursday, July 9, 2009

Silas’ 1st Birthday!!

We are having a wonderful time celebrating Silas’
1st birthday – yes – his birth certificate shows July 8th!
What a blessing he is and we are overwhelmed with the
love that we have for him! He is sleeping well, eating well,
playing a lot, and bonding better than we could have ever
expected. God is good all the time, that is for sure!
He has been faithful and we are blessed.
Today we head to the US Embassy to complete the final
steps for our return on Friday. Tomorrow we will head
to an orphanage to drop off donations and after that we
will purchase some goodies to bring home. The extreme
poverty in this country is evident at all times. There are
really no “good sections” that are immune to the conditions.
That said, the people are very welcoming, loving, and happy despite their situations. We see street kids (homeless) playing marbles (with rocks) and carrying on as if all is fine and dandy. Unfortunately, they were barefoot, had tattered clothing, no belongings, and were caught in the pouring rain with nowhere to go. They clearly were making the best of their situation. We have learned a lot…..Thank you for your prayers and look forward to introducing you to Silas. Olivia and Sydney will be very taken with him – words can’t describe what a perfect little boy he is. See you soon.