Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 3

So I just posted and the time says it is ontly 8:45pm but it is really 12:15am, I promise! I want credit for being up this late - I get teased so often for going to bed super early :))

I know, amazing I am awake at this time of night! Actually I went to bed a little bit after 8pm and just woke up to soothe my crying baby for a bit and now can't go back to sleep. I've had a nasty sinus infection brewing for the past 6 days or so and finally got a zpack and steroids today...already feeling so much better. My face and head felt like they were about to explode today. I am so thankful for our usual good health - boy, is it tough being mommy feeling steroids lousy.

Silas is still doing great. He is not the best sleeper but hey he wouldn't be a Jackson child if he was, right?! He wakes up at least once during nap time and most nights he wakes up crying more than once. Usually he'll go right back after rubbing his back for a bit and letting him know we are here. Its hard to know if this is due to the fact he is teething, his tummy is processing so many new foods or a result of the transition.....probably a bit of all 3.

His first doctor's appt went great. He is right on track for a one year old boy...75th % for height and 35th% for weight. And I'm sure his weight is going to skyrocket after all the food he's been shoveling down the past several days. He loves everything especially chicken and dumplings mixed with peas (thanks deanna :)) I have the baby cooker (WS) and it is awesome - blends anything and everything perfectly and quickly. We went to the hospital today for blood work. The hospital in Beaufort is always an adventure... after waiting almost 1 1/2 hours checking in and waiting for the lab tech, poor guy screamed his head off while his blood was drawn. Glad that is done!

The girls are both doing pretty well. Liv has really stepped up to be mommy's #1 helper. I could not be prouder of her this first week back. She loves helping me help Silas and she's been huge with helping Sydney during her "needy" moments. The fighting between sisters has somehow gotten much better. She is so gentle and sweet with the baby and he is starting to respond and let her do more and more with him.

Sydney is showing signs of jealousy which we knew would happen. She wants us to hold her if we are holding Silas or if Silas is sitting in my lap she sometimes tries to push him away with her body. I hate to call a child "needy" but boy her little eccentric behaviors (holding her hands while she poohs, down the stairs & brushing her teeth.....)that used to be cute are mighty tough now with a baby clinging to me. She hates it when Silas cries and gets mad at me if I don't immediately remedy his issue which results in her crying too. Thank goodness by tomorrow my head should be clearer to deal with her better. Today was pretty trying.

All in all we are all adjusting really well. Mimi and Pop arrived today and Silas had fun playing with them both.

Will post some more pictures in the morning!


Kris said...
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Melodie Monberg said...

I love that you share the realness of life bringing a baby home. It has helped me be more realistic about life when we bring our girl home!

Keep getting better. Love following the journey!