Saturday, July 25, 2009

Amazima Ministries

I just put the Amazima Ministries button on our blog - on the right side....please check it out. This ministry was started by a young woman from TN who visited Uganda and was led to help the many orphans there with the basic necessities to live and to attend school. She has a house there in Africa where she helps feed and bathe these children and to show them God's love. Her passion for this country and it's people is truly amazing and her stories are on the stories section of the blog and grab a box of tissues.

There are many projects that need funding....check those out too. You can sponsor a child for $300 a year - school fees, clothing, 2 meals a day & minor medical needs., makes me feel silly for getting that pedicure this morning.

This ministry is inspiring and I love reading about people who have discovered how God can use them to be His hands & feet and to help the least of these. I long to know what He has planned for us next. I know there is more for us in Ethiopia. I don't know if God has another child for us there or not but I do know there is more for us to do. There are just so many who need help. I know i've blogged about it before and I promise not to sit on my soap box about it....but please pray for these children. If you can afford to sponsor a child, check out the Amazima button (it is a legitimate blog and person), if you've ever thought about adoption keep thinking and praying about it.

My sweet angel boy is sleeping peacefully upstairs in his crib. Every time I hug him I am reminded of how blessed we are to have been chosen to be his parents. It is not by chance that he is our son. God loves orphans and is fighting for them and giving them homes.

Oh, and I have to brag a bit...sweet angel boy has slept 12 hours for the past 2 nights - yahoo for that!!! Napping is another story but this mommy who loves her sleep is thankful for the start.

Good night,


Team Dragovich said...

Thanks for the info Sarah... I'm sure it is okay for me to post it on my blog as well??? It's fun to "stop by" and see how things are going... wish we could do it in person :) Hoping that Mr. Silas starts to settle into a great napping routine soon!