Wednesday, April 21, 2010



Why create Into the Streets of Ethiopia?

In February 2008, our family was lead by the Lord to adopt a child, a little girl, from Ethiopia, Africa. We stepped out in faith and obedience and in the process we were challenged to start leading our family in living a "no-regrets" life. The process of our adoption was a beautiful journey which ultimately lead to arriving in Ethiopia in July 2009, to meet and bring our new daughter home.

While in Ethiopia, we were honored to meet a man, Robel Alawi. We were fascinated and humbled beyond words when we learned of his life story and the ministry he conducted in the streets of Ethiopia. We vowed to pray for our brother and the incredible work of ministering to the unfortunate children that lived and begged among the dirty streets of Addis Ababa.

Our job was done. We obeyed God, adopted, had no regrets and thought we could simply return home to our children, and resume our normal, everyday life. Oh, how we were wrong! We found ourselves left with a hole, in the shape of Africa, in our hearts. God, in his awesome power and glory, kept placing before us the images of Robel and his ministry.

Yes, we were sent to Africa to bring home an orphan, teach her about Jesus and provide a loving environment for her to blossom. But, we were also sent to be made aware. We needed to see poverty and devastation, sickness and loneliness. To see little boys, the same age as our son, begging for their next meal. Begging to shine our shoes so they could take money home to their families. These images are forever etched in our minds and in our hearts.

Adoption is not enough for us. The longing for Africa continues in our hearts. We have seen and we have heard suffering at its greatest level. We are left with a burning question, consuming us night and day. What are you going to do? What are YOU going to do?

We find ourselves, once again, at the beginning of a faith journey. We are stepping out in blind obedience, without a single regret, to partner with Robel and Children's Future Ethiopia. Our prayer is that God will stretch us, mold us, even make us a little uncomfortable, if necessary. We have so little to offer, but we present it to the Lord and ask that He use our words and actions as a tool to touch the lonely and suffering for his glory.

Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know, and holds us responsible to act.
Proverbs 24:12

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Here is the link to vote for Silas to win the Parents Magazine Cover Contest....

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Please vote for Silas to win the Parents Magazine Cover Contest! He is not only the cutest little guy I know (just a little biased, I know!) but this is a great opportunity for adoption advocacy. Thanks!!

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Sara & Silas

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter and Spring Break FUN!

We had a wonderful time at Nanna and Doc's for Easter and Spring Break!!