Monday, December 7, 2009

now that I've seen, I am responsible...

"now that I have seen, I am responsible" a verse from one of my favorite songs by Brooke Fraser. (tried to add it the blog but not working so check it out on itunes!)

After a week in Ethiopia I was eager to return home. Eager for the comforts of home. I missed the girls terribly of course but I also missed my comfortable bed, my favorite foods, having power and the internet 24/7. And how easy it has been to fall back into life here in America with all of our comforts and blessings.

We have left Ethiopia behind and all that we've seen. But may we never forget. Now that we have seen, we are responsible. I pray that we will find our next chapter in living out this responsiblity. And I pray that others will have a growing heart for orphans not only Ethiopia but throughout the world.

If there were millions of orphans living in America today dying from hunger and AIDS would we all look away and do nothing. We as Christians have a responsibility. A responsilibity to use what we've been given in ways to serve Him and His people.

"...once our eyes are opened,we can't pretend we don't knowwhat to do. God,who weighs our hearts and keepsour souls, knows that we know,and holds usresponsible to act."(Proverbs 24:12)