Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Five Favorites About Silas (as of today!)

I've been meaning to write down my favorite things about Silas at 15 months. Mainly so I'll have them written down somewhere for later....

1. How he rocks out in the car. The boy has some serious rhythm. The two of us will be alone in the car listening to some tunes and I'll catch him in the mirror just jamming away.

2. His squeal of delight as he walks from one place to the next. He is so proud of himself walking and we are too! Finally mom's arms may get a little rest.

3. How he loves to hold the girls' hand in the car. Syd used to sit next to him and they would hold hands the whole time. Liv wanted a turn and enjoys the moments too. So cute!

4. His little whimper when you tell him "no". I know I shouldn't think this is cute but the boy can hang with the girls in the drama department.

5. His sweet kisses, the "mmmmm" noise and the slobbery love!

Ok, 2 more...6. How friendly he is in public. He loves to wave to everyone and gibber gabber away.

7. How he starts squeling as soon as his food is put into the baby processor. The boy loves to eat. He's gained about 9 pounds since July!

What an angel boy!


Team Dragovich said...

Sara, I'm so sorry that I haven't posted to you until now!! Silas looks AMAZING!!!!! Are the boxes all gone and has the dust settled yet? Ahh... the joys of moving :) How is Charlotte? It would be so great to see your family-- somehow we need to make that work out. Now that soccer is over...

Thinking of you all so much and happy to see your beautiful family in photos!!