Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Our lives have been turned upside down in the last week. We found out exactly 1 week ago that we are moving to Charlotte, NC! Pulte is transferring Tom to be the VP of Finance of the Charlotte division. We have spent the last week up there house hunting and scoping out the schools.....quite an experience with 3 children and 1 being newly adopted...pure craziness. Thankfully my parents kept Syd for part of the week and we had a nice break at Aunt Jamie's for a night of fun with the cousins in Columbia.

We will be leaving Beaufort on Sunday as the girls start school Mon. It sounds crazy and it is! It is such a bittersweet incredibly sad to leave this beautiful town, our dear friends & of course my parents whom we adore and have the best time with...but also feel very blessed for the job opportunity in such a volatile economy. So please, everyone come visit us!!

The kids are doing well. Both girls are excited about their new school. We happened upon a christian school in the area last night on-line, toured it today & signed them up! So glad this decision has been made and I feel great about the education they will receive and more importantly that they will continue to build their faith and character in a loving, christian environment. This was such a God thing as I had planned for Syd to attend a montessori school which ended up NOT being the right place!

Silas is such a trooper. I think today he finally had enough though and cried much of the day being in the car again the majority of the time. One of us had to be touching him almost constantly in the car to soothe him. It is amazing how just being touched on the leg seemed to give him reassurance that we were with him and wouldn't leave him.

So off we go on another adventure remembering that our true home is not in an earthly city but awaits us in to rest before the packing madness begins.


Team Dragovich said...

I've been waiting to hear the final verdict on Tom's new job opportunity!!!! Congrats!!! Sounds like you are moving fast and furious-- we are now 2 hours away... hope we can get together!!! Welcome to NC from a fellow transplant! :)

Praying for you,

Ashley said...

We are near Charlotte and the lanzillottas are south of there!!! We have court Monday. Glad we will have more ET babies in NC!!

We are having a get together in G-boro if you are around the 30th.

Ashley Catlett

Jaime said...

oh my, sara! so thankful about Tom's job though...and the school, that's great! BTW: love silas's hair!!!