Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where is Home?

So we have been in Charlotte for four full days now. The girls are getting settled into school and seem to be adjusting great there. We are getting settled into the corp town home which is so much better than staying at the hotel. We all love each other but that was a bit too close for comfort :)

Olivia has a little bug and stayed home today. Poor little thing felt horrible and everytime her fever spiked she sobbed that she wanted to go home. And Syd keeps asking at each new location, "is this our new home?" How to explain to a 5 year old that home is where her family is and it is not necessarily a place? A hard concept for even her mom to accept as we all miss the comfort of our "home" in Beaufort.

We did find a home here and hope to close by mid to late September...yes! And I met a gal who has a daughter in Liv's K class and another daughter about Syd's age who lives in the same n-hood yesterday. Just the little boost I needed and totally felt God enabling that conversation to take place.

So on we go. Silas has been a little trooper. His sweet and fun personality keeps me entertained during the day. He is giving kisses on demand now and boy is he proud of himself!

Praying Liv is better by tomorrow...planning to hit Carowinds on Sat.