Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Fun

I love summertime. I love going to the pool and loading up on all the fun snacks and treats. I love car rides with the windows down and music blaring. Every summer we have a theme song. This year Justin Bieber's "Baby, Baby" can be heard from all 3 Jackson kiddos at least 20x a day. Hearing my little guy's sweet voice belting out JB's hit song makes me laugh and smile and makes my heart full. He adds so much joy and fun to our days. He has picked up on so many of the girl's sayings with them home. He says "right?" to make sure I am listening and "stop it!" all the time now. I seriously want to eat him up, he is so darn cute.

For someone who normally runs a strict schedule and puts way too much pressure (on myself) to meet meal and bedtimes, summertime is a welcome change of pace. I love not feeling the pressure of the clock. I do need to work on at least fixing a meal. I seriously don't think I've cooked a real dinner in at least 3 weeks..yikes, need to work on that :)

But most of all I just love having my kiddos home from school. I love seeing how uniquely God has created each one of my children. Olivia continues to keep me straight and on my toes. For instance, we met some school friends at the movies today. Upon getting settled in her seat surrounded by friends she hasn't seen since school let out, she leaned down the row to remind me to make sure my phone was on vibrate b/c we are using a new sitter for Silas and she might need to reach me. At 7 (almost 8, she reminds me daily) she amazes me with her maturity and kindness. We got home from the pool the other day and before I could get all the stuff out of the car, she had changed herself and had changed her brother's diaper and clothes without being asked.

I love waking up in the morning with my sweet Sydney who still wakes up at the crack of dawn despite my attempt at a relaxed summer schedule. The other morning she was snuggling with me in bed and kissed my unopened eyes and told me she loved me over and over. She proceeded to tell me I was the best mom ever. I like to think she really believes that and wasn't just trying to pry me out of bed for some limeaid!

I love how beautifully God has made each of my children. Each unique and perfect in His image.

I can't believe it is almost July. The summer is going by way too fast. I pray I will cherish each moment with them. They are growing up way too fast....