Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Court Update

We did not pass court today (really last night) in Ethiopia. Thankfully the judge kept our case opened and hopefully she will hear it again with the hard copy of our POA this week. We should hear something by the end of the week. The Director of the Ethiopia program at AWAA said although this sounds somewhat promising we should be prepared to have our current case closed and to have a new court date reissued mid-June.

God is good and we take comfort in that.

Psalms 34:8 Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a rollercoaster!

So the past week has been quite a roller coaster ride! MOWA (ministry of women's affairs) in ET halted all adoptions of abandoned children in the city of Addis pending an investigation. We were devasted to hear that we we were affected by this hold and were told to expect at least a several weeks delay. We began praying hard that this hold would be short and that God's hand would be in the investigations.

Then, last Thurs I recieved another call that there is still hope that we could pass court on May 26th. Apparently, our boy was abandoned just outside of Addis and other agencies have had success in passing court in similar situations. Praise God and still praying hard!!!

Then today, we received another call lettingus know that the power of attorney we sent in our dossier last year is no longer valid and we needed to have another one notarized and state certified and in their office by Fri at 9 am in order to have a chance of passing court. Wow, really?! So I will be driving to Columbia in the morning to get this document state certified and then Fed Exed to America World. We want Silas home!!!

Please pray for these children and families affected by this abandonment hold. It truly is agonizing not to be able to hold our children and not knowing how long we may have to wait.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose
Romans 8:28

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

*Tom Davis* is helping our adoption agency's Ethiopian transitional home by helping bring the best formula to the precious babies waiting to be with their forever family!! You can donate on his web site. This is an amazing blessing as many of the infants from the orphanages are severely malnourished and some are even on feeding tubes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lots of Smiles

That's what we got in our April update on our boy. The sweetest pictures of Silas standing up in his crib, crawling and SMILING!!! What a joy to see him so happy and doing well. He has gained 1 lb since our referral and has 1 tooth. We are in love and can't get to Ethiopia soon enough to hold him in our arms.

Our court date is set for May 26th. We are still waiting to hear tentative travel dates but still expect to travel end of June or early July. Please be praying we pass court on the 26th. 70% pass and those 30% who don't have to wait another month or so for a new court date.

I wanted to post about a wonderful opportunity with the Red Letter Campaign. Have you heard about The RLC? This org was establised by a group of friends with a vision to help the most vulnerable in this world. They are doing amazing work and it truly is inspiring. If you've ever wanted to help a child but unsure of how to or which org to trust....this is it. They have found orphanages in Ethiopia and a few other countries to provide support and care....the commitment is around $35/month...you will receive photo updates and will have the opportunity to travel with a group to meet your child. How fun to do this w/ a group of friends?! Let me know if you are interested. There is an orphanage in ET that they will be pairing up soon.

Also, visit the RLC site to learn about Tom Davis and his latest book, "SCARED". I haven't read it yet but sure you won't be disappointed. His other books are must reads too.