Saturday, March 28, 2009

Silas Jackson!!!

We received our referral call/email yeterday and finally saw our precious son's face!! We are overjoyed and in love! He is a healthy 8 month old who is playful and crawling.

He has big beautiful brown eyes and the shape of his face reminds me of Liv's as a baby. God is Great!

Thanks for your continued prayers.

Sara & Tom


cristie said...

Oh My goodness ... GOD IS GOOD! I was thinking about you today and thought .. I need to pop in to see what the Jackson clan is up to. Low and behold, you are busy having babies! I am so thrilled that the day has finally arrived. How sweet it is!
I will be praying for the court date to arrive SOON and you to pass with flying colors. I can't wait to see sweet Silas's photos!
God Bless You, Sarah!
Cristie Martine